What shoes to wear with a navy blue suit?

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Just bought a navy blue suit? Great choice. This color is not only for men with blue eyes. It’s less dreary than black and can be worn in summer as well as in winter.

When it comes to shoes, there are several colors and types to choose from for a perfect combination. Let’s see them together.

Richelieu shoes or moccasins: the best alternatives

Leather Richelieu shoes are often the best choice for a formal outfit like a suit. With a feeling of uniqueness of the leather, more marked than on a model known as “Derby”, the Richelieu is elegant and follows the shape of your foot.

One of the secrets is to choose the right size. Many men used to sneakers have the reflex to take a size in which they are comfortable and have the impression to “breathe”. However, Richelieu models should stick to the foot. You should not be able to put a finger between your heel and the shoe. However, do not be too confined to the toe. This will give you a better silhouette and incidentally, you will avoid terrible blisters …

Pointed toes are often used with Richelieu shoes. It’s up to you to choose how much this characteristic is asserted or not. Just avoid square or rectangular tips which are, let’s admit it, often ugly.

Aside from Richelieu, loafers are a good alternative. They are less formal and therefore perfect for dandies wanting to be both elegant and out of the codes.

In winter, leather guarantees waterproof shoes adapted to the season. In summer, try suede and feet without socks. With slightly exposed ankles, you’ll have a style loved by the most elegant Italians. Go to Milan in July and you’re sure to run into men wearing this outfit. Some even go as far as putting on a bow tie, but beware of false ideas if you try.

Black, the easy way

When it comes to shoe color, black is often the default choice. Like a pair of navy socks, black shoes work with any suit, but you can do better.

Brown is a better color. You have different shades of brown. Adapt it according to the impression you want to give and the season. For example, if you like to be flashy and be seen, light brown is sure to attract attention. However, in winter, for a formal outfit to wear to work, dark brown is better.

Other color combinations work wonderfully, but you have to be more daring and assume. Thus, navy blue suede loafers, and why not with pompom, go perfectly with a summer suit.

There are also leather shoes in dark burgundy that make their appearance. They are rare, but manage to wear them brilliantly automatically classifies you in the ranks of elegant men.

Remember to work on the patina of the shoes. A shiny toe thanks to a polish worked with a few drops of water is an additional mark of aestheticism. It’s better to have shiny black shoes than to have a poorly cared-for original, like a pair of burgundy shoes with stained toes and a pale color.

Also, always pair color with accessories. If you wear a brown shoulder bag, a brown leather belt, do not have black shoes.

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