The “Pinroll” … for jeans or chino

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Current and chic, the pinroll follows you everywhere! You can find it on social networks, advertising campaigns and certainly among some of your trendy friends. It adapts to all styles, no matter if you are a city dweller or a streetwearer. It’s time for you to adopt the trend. To do this, find all the steps to make a pinroll worthy of the name.

What exactly is a pinroll?

The definition of pinroll

It’s a trend that’s spreading everywhere, whether it’s among young people or on many shoe ads. The pinroll is simply a hem that uncovers the ankles. Made with a special technique, it is very popular with sneaker lovers, which you are surely part. It’s true, what’s better than sneakers to feel comfortable? That’s why the pinroll is so popular on social media and advertising campaigns. So what are you waiting for to adopt this new global trend?

Who is it for?

No matter what your body type, the pinroll is the perfect choice. Indeed, it refines the long legs, and enlarges those which are less. However, if your legs are really small, this hemline could compress your silhouette. On the other hand, the pinroll can be used regardless of your style. You can choose a casual, trendy, or streetwear look. Nevertheless, it is not recommended to use it on too sophisticated outfits. It is especially suitable for everyday clothes. For this, opt for rolled up jeans with sneakers, or with the chino of your choice.

What are the advantages of the latter?

In short, this hemline has several advantages. First of all, you will be able to lengthen and refine your figure, since it fits particularly well to long legs. Secondly, you can show off your shoes. This is also the case for your socks, if you want to show your originality.

Indeed, the pinroll can highlight a nice pair of sneakers or boots for men. It is up to you to choose the style you want to adopt. Finally, thanks to this hem, your pants will no longer get stuck in your socks. Say goodbye to your mismatched look! You will be able to adopt a casual and chic look in any situation.

Finally, thanks to the pinroll, you too can take trendy pictures to add to your social network. But do you know all the steps to make the famous pinroll?

How to make it?

To make the perfect pinroll, you must select the chino or jeans you want to wear. It is still best to choose a slim-fitting or slightly wide pants. Indeed, the hem is much more complex to make on a jean too slim. First of all, start by standing up. This will make your jeans tighter and straighter. Next, you need to grab a flap at the bottom of your pants and fold it over. Keep this fold and turn it outward. Now you can make a second one. Finally, do the same process on your second leg. Now you know how to make the most popular hemline!

In short, to make a pinroll, you must keep in mind a few notions. Indeed, for a successful hem, it must arrive above the ankle and more precisely the malleolus. You can do it a little higher, but not too high. You don’t want to make a pantacourt out of it! Remember that it may not be advisable to hem your pants if you have short legs. Indeed, it could pack you slightly, which is not the goal. Also remember not to hem your pants too thick. It could weigh down both your pants and your figure.

Which jeans to choose for a perfect hem?

You are looking for the ideal pants to make your pinroll? You don’t know which one to choose? Don’t panic, all you need is a straight or fitted jean or chino. You should avoid slim or skinny pants which are too tight for hemming. Then, you can choose a pant with a high waist or normal waist, depending on your preference.

How do I make my pinroll fit?

You try this hem, but in vain? After several hours, it ends up coming undone? On many chinos or jeans, the pinroll has trouble staying in place. In this case, the only way to fix it is to stitch it in place. To do this, make sure it is as discreet as possible. This way, your hem will not be able to move. You won’t have to worry about your pinroll unrolling on just one of your legs, without you having had time to realize it.

Unfortunately, the stitching involves always wearing your pants this way.

What socks to wear when hemming?

The only things to avoid with your pinroll are white socks or gym socks. This could make you look a little too sloppy, which you want to avoid at all costs. Instead, feel free to express your personality and go for originality.

It’s even recommended for a trendy and fashionable look. You can easily choose striped or printed socks with all sorts of simple or offbeat patterns. Don’t limit yourself and let your imagination run wild. However, you can avoid socks with the effigy of your superheroes, nobody will blame you, on the contrary!

Now you know all the secrets to a chic and elegant hem. All you have to do is make it at home. To do this, don’t forget all the steps you’ve read before. They will help you to make the pinroll in just a few movements.

Besides, the pinroll is a great way to reuse your old pants, to refresh your style. So it’s time to get started!

Don’t do

  1. Don’t pin jeans that aren’t stylish. Jeans or work pants that are not stylish will not look any better with a hem.
  2. Don’t roll your jeans unless you’re wearing shoes that are worth the effort.
  3. Don’t roll super skinny jeans or baggy jeans. They will never look good.
  4. Don’t make the pinroll too big or small. 1-2 cm is fine. No more and no less.
  5. Don’t pin your jeans if they are too short or too long. If they are too short, they won’t roll properly and if they are too long, they will bulge over the pinroll. While a pinroll pin can hide a slightly longer jean that has not been altered, it is always best to choose a jean that is already the right length to wear. The pinroll will shorten it to about ankle length.

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