How to recognize a man who has a crush?

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We all know that men are better at hiding their feelings than women. We can confirm that love at first sight also affects men.

Here is the question that runs through the mind of almost all women, whether they are young or adult: how to recognize a man who has love at first sight? In this article, discover these signs that never deceive.

How to recognize a man who is in love at first sight

The physical signs

Love at first sight or not, gestures are acts that are difficult to control. Often, when they feel the presence of their sweetheart, the men who have the love at first sight are taken of palpitation. Some sweat more than usual, while others experience unbearable hot flashes. If you also notice that your partner’s cheeks turn red whenever he sees you, he may be falling in love with you at first sight.


Like women, men also feel a deep sense of well-being when they fall in love at first sight. The expression that best defines it is that the person is swimming in happiness. They feel like they are living in a bubble, cut off from the rest of the world. When a man has the love at first sight, the bliss sometimes makes him awkward in his gestures as well as in his speech. Don’t be surprised to see him smiling blissfully when he sees you on the street, at school or at work.

The love obsession

The love at first sight is often similar to the love obsession, which has nothing pejorative. In fact, a man falls in love with you at first sight when he always wants to see you, talk to you and spend time with you. Thousands of questions are running through his head. But of course, he’ll never dare to ask them. It’s up to you to detect the signs!

Do you find any of these signs in your partner? Good news: your man has fallen in love with you at first sight. All you have to do now is let love rock you.

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