How do you know if someone secretly loves you ?

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Love is a wonderful feeling. It is the most beautiful thing in the world that two people can share. When someone is truly in love, they have a hard time hiding it.

But for the person whose heart is in love, it is sometimes hard to see. However, there are signs that do not deceive.

So, how do you know if someone secretly loves you? We invite you to discover it in this article.

How to know if someone secretly loves you?

The gaze clue

The look is an unavoidable sign when you want to know if someone loves you in secret. Indeed, when you are with two people or with other friends, you will often notice that he will from time to time glance at you when he thinks that nobody sees him. This only lasts for a short period of time. This strong hint will start to be accompanied by a slight smile.

He is really interested in you

He wants to know everything about you. Usually, the one who has feelings for you asks you a lot of questions. These are short questions for which he wants long answers. For example, if he asks you, “How did you spend your weekend?” he’s not going to settle for a simple “good”. He’s going to want details. This is a way for him to get interested in you and see what your interests are.

He gives you gifts that you like

When someone secretly loves you, they give you gifts that you really like. How did they get you exactly what you need? By asking your friends or by finding out the answer in one of your long talks.

He gets nervous around you

Men can act like boys when they’re in love and have trouble expressing their true feelings. From the beginning, observe him closely and you will notice that he blushes immediately when he sees you.

He talks about you to his friends

The things he can’t say in front of you, he’ll say in front of his friends. You can find out what he thinks and says about you by approaching his friends.

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